Mosconi Amp Review

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The Mosconi AS 100.4 and Mosconi 300.2 Review .

Who are Mosconi ???
Mosconi are an Italian found company , started by Ivan Mosconi in ’08 . The brand “Mosconi” originated as a diversification for MOS company in the SBU car-audio market.
In 2009 the first amps were released , the AS series . The rest is history .

This review will be a conducted by a , hearing test , build quality , support , and the outcome . This review should to give you a feel of how the amps are .


Lets kick off with the AS 100.4 .
The AS 100.4 is a world class amp . The amp has
achieved the most prestigious awards, from EISA
2010-2011 AWARD for the best car amplifier with
AS100.4 to the first places and world records in


  • 100 Watt per channel @ 4 Ohm
  • 155 Watt per channel @ 2 Ohm
  • 310 Watt BTL mode @ 4 Ohm
  • 480 Watt BTL mode @ 2 Ohm*

The AS 100.4 is feeding signal to a full active setup in our reference car .
The weapons on choice :  Gladen Aerospace 28 Tweeters and Gladen Zero 80 Midrange .
This equipment was used as reference for distinguish between The Mosconi amps and the previous amps we had in the car .

Listening Test :
When we test equipment , We use as many genre’s of music , as we can . There are many factors to take into account , like headunit source , CD or USB , rca’s ….
So our test conducted of :
Source – Alpine CDA 137bti
Music Source – CD : Michael Jackson – Thriller (25th Anniversary )

The AS range is class AB technology . So we know , we were looking for detail , warmth and realness .
This is exactly what we got . The amount of detail , we received , was amazing ! You could hear the difference straight away . You could hear the realness / natural sound. We played MJ’s – Thriller , there is an opening intro , where a door, slowly opens  with a squeaky sound from the door hinge , with footsteps walking across the room . With the previous amp , the same track had the detail . The Mosconi however , took it to another level , Our stage widened , and you could hear alot more deatil , its felt real and natural . The stage came alive .
We then popped in another CD : 2pac’s Greatest Hits
Now this CD is not the greatest recording  but we wanted to see if the amp would lack “excitement” . It did justice once again !
The soulful feel of the warm sound , really does make you enjoy any type of music .


AS 300.2
Specs :

  • 300 Watt per channel @ 4 Ohm
  • 550 Watt per channel @ 2 Ohm
  • 1100 Watt BTL mode @ 4 Ohm
  • 1800 Watt BTL mode @ 2 Ohm*

The AS 300.2 has been bridged in BTL mode to power our subwoofer .
This amp makes serious , controlled POWER .
The reference Woofer : JBL 12W-GTi MKII
We chose the woofer , because it can deliver best of both worlds . Beautiful low notes, with accurate ,detailed tight bass , and can hammer if we need it to .

Listening Test :
When choosing an amp to power your woofer , you here is a few tips .
1. Never under power your woofer
2. Always try and look at the damping factor
3. Always read the spec sheet and build quality before you purchase
4. Do as much research as possible

Amps are priced by the components used inside the amp . The Mosconi AS 300.2 is a high end amp like the whole AS range . The amp is mostly used to power subwoofers but some use it to power midbass drivers .
The JBL is placed in a 2.5cu enclosure , and is ported . We followed the spec sheet when building the enclosure , but did tweek it abit , to accurately tune the enclosure to 30hz
We started playing Linkin Park to listen to how the amp produces those lower frequencies . We wanted to hear and feel the natural sound of the drums , and we did ! It gave us goosebumps !! We then played some Kendrick Lamar , to drop really low . The amp played all those lower end frequencies with ease .
You can feel and hear , the woofer is enjoying the power , with the clean signal .
The sub is played at 3ohm . We wanted to make sure there was enough power with the factors the change the ohmage . This is definitely one of the best , if not the best amps to power a woofer , we have ever heard .

The Build Quality :
The ams are built solid , clean and easy to install and use . The settings are easy to get to and are easy to use .
The amps comes in two colours . Silver and White . We really do love the quality of the coat , in any finish


Support :
Mosconi and Gladen is available at Hygrade Audio .
The support we received , was brilliant ! Suliman , owner of Hygrade , loves these products . His product knowledge is vast . He is always welcoming and offers great advise . We order the amps and were given updates as frequently as possible . The amps arrived and were kept in a safe location , until collection .
We did order an extra part late , but Suliman did ensure we received the item on time .
Great customer service .

Overview :
Mosconi amps are some of the best on the market , and from our small test , its proved it . Yes , this test did not have all the details , like clamming , but the difference can be heard . The previous amps were entry level and there is a price difference , but these are amps you buy for any application , and not buy again. The will last forever , if you take care of them . The amps are mostly used in World Class SQ cars , and we understand why . They detailed , and smooth . Clean signal from the A/B circuit . Awesome build quality and some awesome support from Hygrade Audio , we would highly suggest them . They also have some serious “balls” hahaha , they make serious power when needed . The amps can be customised via G-Cards , for example , you can make the AS 300.2 into a Monoblock by slotting in a different card . You can view the products at . These are one of the best amps we have ever owed , and we doubt we will part ways with them .

To equire about pricing , visit or give Hygrade Mobile Audio a call on : 011 680 4671

A special Thank You to Uncle Suliman for all the help and advise with the amps

Installation was done by :
Bespoke Audio / Grant – Tel : 084 505 4550


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