Jozi Kxlektive V6.One


Jozi Kxlektive V6.One – For the fans .

What is the Jozi Kxlektive ???
The Jozi Kxektive , is an event held from time to time , where car enthusiasts and photographers meet up at sick locations , and chill . The event is by invite only . . . by now you probably asking yourself , how does one get into the Jozi Kxlektive , or why is it by invitational only ??…well by the end of this write up , you will understand why…

This is our review on the event :
The Location :
The first JK Meet was held at Velmore Hotel Estate and Spa . For the sixth version , Ian decided this would make another sick venue for a car meet ,once again . The destination was set , so was the date .
Our destination started off from the Westrand of JHB , the venue being somewhat ,50km’s away , we took a slow stroll to the event . Apon arrival , the lined up behind the convoy that came to the event . Ian then issued us with wrist bands for the , all you can eat buffet for lunch . This band also ensured you were part of the event . The venue was breath taking. It was photographers heaven . A fountain welcomed guests into the reception , with enough parking for all who came . Across the reception , was a patch off grass , also a beautiful location for photos , and to display some amazing cars .

The Cars :
The cars on show . . .  WORLD CLASS .
South Africa’s car scene is slowly , but surely creeping into the International scene , the cars that were on show are definitely international status . The Best Of The Best , in SA . Air suspension stole the show , and you asking yourself , ” Do you need Air to be apart of the Jozi Kxlektive ” ??… Noooo you don’t . The static slayers also rolled through . When you look at the cars on show , non of them are the same , each one has …character . No one copied anyone else . Infact , these guys set the trends . Rim and drop combo’s , interior combo’s , boot installs …. Each car personifies the drivers personality , a car we like to use as an example : Darren’s Toaster .

Darrens Toaster

The Hype :
We got our invitation at German Vs Jap 2k17 , and we were honestly thrilled .
The Hype about the Jozi Kxlektive , is huge . The low-key effect plays well here , as the invited , keep it on the low , till the day of the event . We really did dig this , as the feel of a “secret car meet ” floats around while we walking around , looking at the cars .
Did it live up to the Hype ???
Yes it did . You get to park with the most beautiful rides ,and work along side some of the best photographers in Jozi .

G6 Rim
Overview :
The Jozi Kxlektive is not about the money , and who was invited . Its not about who’s better than the rest , Its not about the dopest locations , or the best photographers joining for event coverage . Its not about Static vs Air .
The Jozi Kxlektive is simple . Its a bunch friends , coming together to enjoy a Sunday . Locations are to set the tone , Photographers are given a chance to shoot a private event .
Can you hate on them, for doing ths ????
Hell Nah. . .
You can just admire the hard work that has been put into the cars .
The vibe is easy : F**k the politics in the car scene

Its just another “chillas” between good friends .

Each driver is humble , with unique taste when it comes to car customisation . When you witness the car scene like we have , you can admire this type of an event , even more .



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