Nabeel’s – ’94 Fiat Uno

Nabeel’s ’94 Fiat Uno . 

When you think of the Fiat Uno , you think of an affordable , little , nippy car to get from A to B . This is not what Nabeel thought of , when he sent the bare shell to Fareed’s Customs out in Lenz .

This is Tiffany .

Nabeel chose the car because , Its an underrated car , in the stance scene . He wanted something different , simple , but would catch the eye from a glance .

The first mission was choosing a colour . Nabeel and Fareed , sat down , and wanted something to stand out , but still be elegant and classy . Tiffany Blue was the choice .
The paint work is beautiful . It does stand out , and suites the car perfectly .


With the colour sorted , The engine was the next course on the plate .
Nabeel wanted it stock , as this is his daily drive . He believes less is more .
The motor was done by Ari’s Autoworx .
Under the hood , houses a stock 1.1 litre engine , with Nabeel keeping it as clean as possible .

With Stance growing rapidly in South Africa , Nabeel decided to join the party with the Uno .
The car was dropped 100mm , all round . The fitment he was looking for came from a 15″ , 8J Lenso BSX Wheel with a high polished lip, wrapped in a set of Achillies 165/45/15 Economist Tyre .
The drop and wheel combo does look sweet . The car is slighly poking and looks sweet when you see it rollin hard , in the south of Jozi .

Being daily driven , Nabeel wanted the interior simple , but he wanted it to match the car . The interior was done by Fareed as well . For the seats , they chose matching Burbery checkers inserts , a black leather ,wrap-around , with a Tiffany Blue stitching . The source of tunes came via , a Phillips indash headunit . Vocals came via Starsound Co-axils in the front doors , and mids in the rear side panels . For the bass section Nabeel chose a 15″ Starsound Grey Series , running off a Targa 1200.1 amp , in a ported enclosure . The seats are comfortable and does compliment the car . The car audio , does hit all the right spots , the depth of the 15″ really does make a difference .

Nabeel really did knock this out the park . The car really does grab alot of attention , and we understand why . . . its not everyday you see a ’94 Fiat Uno looking this good . Less is more was the source of creativity for this build . The car has a retro , euro feel to it . Its Urban with class . The paint really does catch the eye . Its bright , deep and rich . The wheel and tyre combo , really do compliment the car , the 100mm drop , really does add the cherry on top of this ride . The interior does mix well with the car . its not over done , its just …right . The Car Audio is simple , like the engine , showing us , that less is really more .

This Fiat Uno is definitely one of the slickest cars on the street .

Summary of Mods :
Engine – Stock

Exterior :
Paint – Tiffany Blue
Suspension – O.G 100mm Custom Drop
Extra – Refurbished and painted badges

Wheels and Tyres
Wheel – Lenso BSX 15″ , 8J with high Polished Lip
Tyre – 165/45/R15 Achillies Economist Tyres

Interior :
Steering Wheel – Wood Plated Racing Steering Wheel
Headunit- Phillips Indash
Speakers – Starsound co-axils and mids
Amps – Targa 1200.1 monoblock
Subwoofer – 15″ Starsound Grey Series
Enclosure – Ported

Nabeel would like to Thank Fareed Customs for all the work of the exterior and Interior of the car , and Ari’s Autoworx for all the work on the engine .





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