German vs Jap 2k17

We BACK !!!

We came back with a bang , planning , and prepping for one of the biggest events of the year . . . German vs Jap .

The morning started off , quiet warm , and im sure , from excitement , everyone did not get much sleep . We headed out at 7:45am to Nasrec Expo Centre . Apon arrival we joined a short line , entering the gate . From the view , the venue was starting to fill up , really fast . We entered and decided to park of , by the Sound Off section .

As the morning passed , we were joined by a closed friend , Ovi . We then decided to enter the show , and join the non competitors parking . There , we made camp , declaring our own section at the bottom at the venue . The Mob Culture members then pulled in , drawing a small crowd with them , as they showed off the new mod’s done to their cars .

The Venue :
The Venue needs no introduction . Its massive . Great food . Bathrooms are located in handy area’s , and parking is easy .
Score : 10/10

The Cars  :
This year was defiantly taken over by the stance folk , as the trend has certainly caught here in South Africa .  We saw everything lowed , for style , From German cars , to Japs , Even Korean cars , were slammed . It was a beautiful sight to see.
Joburg has up’d the game when it comes to Stance , and the time for games , has been put aside . There was serious competition this year , and we sure ever winner deserved it .
Score 9/10

The Hype :
Marketing was done mostly via social media . With the event linked to the Classic Car Show , The event will always prosper . The question is , did it live up to all the hype .
We asked a few people and here is the feedback :
Many say this was the biggest German vs Jap , ever .
Alot of people also said this event next year , will be the show to prep for and VW Camp Fest , now has a competitor .
We agree .
The Jap’s are overlooked when it comes to shows , and the Jap community is large is SA . Its great to see such a huge event for the Jap’s .
VW Campfest is the ultimate show , to show off years of work , but we got a feeling German vs Jap is only going to get bigger , and the craving for a show , spread over a weekend might be in order .
Score : 9/10


Verdict :
German vs Jap 2017 was insane .
We have to rate it , the event of the year , so far .
Here is our reasoning why :
1. The venue is large , and can comfortably host such a huge event .  The food is always on par , and so other other small things , like paved parking for the cars , or the venue being noise and low life friendly . Its a masterclass venue .
2. The cars were top notch . Stance took over this year , but the classics , exotics , Bassheads , and many more , also came to play . There was something for everyone .
3.Organisation was great . From our personal experience , we had no problems with the way the event was organised . A simple sticker system made it easy to park , and there was no clusters coming in or going out of the event . If you did have to wait , We sure is was a good wait , as there was beautiful rides ….everywhere .
4. Fun day with the family . The event not only had cars , but there were many other activities for the whole family to enjoy .

Like every event , there are some con’s to it
Here is a small list of our con’s
1.Pricing : As we asked people about the event , Pricing did come up . To host an event at this venue , is not cheap . So we understood the pricing , but majority of people paid R80p.p , R20 to park inside , and an Additional R50 if you wanted to enter the non competitors parking , or R150 to compete . This is upset alot of people , but they did not let it bother them .
2. Timing : The venue started to choke , And cars were still allowed in . We left the event at 16:30pm and cars were still being let in . This is understandable, as we sure they had a target to achieve when it came to budgets.
3. The Sound Off : With a huge event like this , the sound off is where the least amount of people go to . The event was dominated by Stance Cars . We met up with our basshead friends , and they were upset on where the Sound Off was . The sound off was situated in the general parking bay area . The area was filled to the brim , and the sound cars , struggled to get into the lanes to do their testing .
4.The Show Area : The Show area for competitors was very clustered . The Low limbo did take alot space , but was interesting to see , how low some cars can go .

The event was a great success . Everyone was happy , inspired and thankful for the event . This has been the best German vs Jap to date .
Southside crew and eveyone involved , a huge thank you to them , as we all really , did enjoy the show .

Over all score : 9/10




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