Braai Park Off Night by Race Warz


Braai Park Off – Brought to you by Race Warz .

The 7th of April brought the county together . A Nation Wide Protest to see a change in a leader . While the people were protesting , deep inside garages around JHB , prepping began for a underground park off .

Race Warz teamed up with Dirt Nurse , Tweek Performance , Tyre Tracks and Gazebo World to bring you a Underground Park Off in Rivonia .

The Venues was initially set to be set at Northgate , but due to weather concerns , the park off was the moved to Rivonia .


The Venue was awesome ! We really do enjoy underground venues , as everything is amplified . There is something about an Underground Parking lot , that gives the sense of an International feel to car scene here in Jozi .
There was enough parking for the cars who attended the park off . There was more than 70 cars at the park off .

The Park off was dedicated to the k9 Pit Track Anti Poaching Unit in aid to help save our Rhinos . The event was to raise awareness for the cause .

The idea of mixing a cars and food , really does create a beautiful atmosphere , as people relax and enjoy each others company .
With this said , there was nothing short, when is came to creating a wonderful atmosphere at the venue .Cars reving , Music playing , and The smell of a braai starting . .  . what more could you ask for . . .


The Juicy part of the park was , was most definitely the cars on display . Tuners , Bass Heads , Stance Addicts , a little bit of everything came out to chill .
A few cars that caught our eyes , was a Toyota Conquest on Borbet Rims . The Bagged Audi S3 , The Nissan R33 Skyline , Streetglows recent build in a Blue Citi Golf and The mint VW Mk2 .

We simply grabbed a corner , Grabbed our camp chairs and enjoyed the cars and company that came through .

The Venue was respectfully Stance friendly , as we see the stance scene growing in JHB , The Rim -Drop Combo is dominating the scene , Keeping it simple , Shouts the most .

With Street to Strip being on the same night , one could only appreciate the Tuners who came through . The Import JDM cars are what most of us dream of . Witnessing them in such good nick , You can only admire the rides even more .


We really did enjoy the park off . Seeing beautiful cars , and being with awesome company , We can certainly say , This was a nice way to spend a Friday Night .

Thank you to all who helped putting the park off together .



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