Saturday the 25th of March was packed,  once again with car shows .
Street Glow teamed up yet again with Red Chilli out in Randburg , to bring you yet another awesome car show .

We arrived at the event , at about 4o’clock in the afternoon and the event was already booming ! The allocated parking was full , with people already enjoying the show .


The Venue :
Red Chilli , in Randburg is well known for some awesome Indian Cuisine . The parking lot has enough space for a car show . Que and his team use the allocated space to the fullest . The SPL cars are always found closest to the power points , for their battery chargers . The Show and Shine cars never seem to be to far , as Streetglow shows has bonded many people , as they use these events to get out and enjoy the day . As the sun set , the Stance guys came out to play !

The Venue is central to most restaurants , garages and residential areas . The parking bays allocated ment that it was easy to get in and out of the show .

The Hype :
The event was socially shared via Facebook . Car hosts use Facebook , as it does work well . The event had some serious planning , as any host will tell you , it is not easy to host a show . From the crowd that pulled in , the marketing proved well worth it . From all the shows that was held on the weekend , THIS WAS THE SHOW TO BE AT !

Management and Organisation :
As shown in our archives , We attend many Streetglow shows , due to the exceptional management and organisation . Team Streetglow , not only keep things safe , they ensure everyone is happy . This was shown , by the vast crowd that pulled in . Sound Quality legend Sean Blignaut was seen with the B2 team , as IASCA held an SQ event on the same day , some SQ lovers also came through . Speed and Sound was in the house , with Neezo snapping some pics and entertaining many . Red Chilli had some great food for the crowd , with the Mutton Bunny Chow stealing the show .


The Cars :
The cars that stole the show for us were,  Ovi’s Golf , as well as Nivz Slammed Citi Golf . Both cars representing the class of new age stance . Slamming with awesome set of wheels . Something we can not forget to mention , was the Pounders on show . Que’s Isuzu Bakkie definitely did the deed . The bakkie is very musical , but can throw the hairtrick when needed .
The cars were once again , nothing but pure class . Heritage of car porn . It was a long time since we saw such a vast number of cars with different styles. The SPL cars did extremely well , as winter is slowly approaching , there is a slight drop in temperature , keeping equipment cold but the lanes are always heat . . . with the cars posting insane numbers on the meter .


Overall Verdict :
Venue : 7/10
Hype : 8/10
Management and Organisation : 8/10
Cars on show : 9/10

Verdict : 8/10

The show was once again a huge success . The Management was perfect , as Que walked around , checking up on his crowd , something we appreciated . The hype that was brought into the event lived up to all expectation . This was the event to be at ,with so many shows on the same day . The cars on display . . .something we always admire , as one can see the vision of the owners as they progress with their rides . Healthy competition in the lanes is growing and everyone is helping out for the best results , as SPL continues to grow in Joburg . The venue proved great , during the later stages on the night , as the crowd started building , parking was an issue , but this created a nice vibe as the night slipped away from us .

Its a wonderful site to see how the car scene is growing in our county , we just glad to be apart of it . It was great to see old faces come out and have some fun again . The show was once again , one to remember .



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