Grid Electronics in association with Team Street Glow Car Show


Grid Electronics in association with Team Street Glow Car Show

Who is Grid Electronics ????
Easy . They your suppliers for Clarion, Moral , Helix , Brax and many more AMAZING Car Audio Equipment . They specialize in other electronics as well .

Shaun from Grid , called Que , owner of Streetglow , to host a car show . Que contacted us to be apart of this epic mash up .


The Venue : The show was held at the new China mall in Midrand . The venue is central , with great shops , and restaurants close by . There was enough parking for the show , as SPL lovers , Stance Slayers and ,Show and Shine Fanatics all came together to have a great time . The venue was a slight struggle for the Static cars , but everyone managed to get to the show in one piece .


The Hype : 
The event was mostly shared on Social Media . Streetglow gave the event enough time for marketing , as well as for people to prep . The event was also covered by Speed and Sound . We saw the likes of Flawless Stance , Dr Decibel ,Stance Engineering, Craig Hall Car Radio  and so many more people rock the show . The event atmosphere was most certainly there, like most Streetglow shows , you know people will be having a great time  .


MOB Culture Low Limbo :
The Low Limbo is something new for us , but we are slowly perfecting this and the addition to the shows has become great fun . We tried to host the Limbo where the crowd was ,and this did make it difficult for our competitors, We managed to sort it out and the Stance guys started having some fun, with the lowest car of the day , being a Static Toyota Corolla  , measuring at 1.18m

The Cars and Event Organisation :
The Cars on show were nothing but class . Some of the loudest cars in the scene also came out for a few burps .
The event was organised brilliantly . Restrooms, food and safety was all essential . FireMed Tactical Response was on hand , if anything was to happen .
Parking was freely allocated , Entrance was free , and the DJ jammed the best tunes, all day long .


Grid Electronics in association with Team Street Glow Car Show Rating :
Venue – 7/10
Cars on show – 8/10
Management – 8/10
Build up for the event – 8/10

Over all score – 7.5/10

The event was once again , a great hit . Que and Shaun teamed up for an epic show , that went on into the late night with everyone having some fun . The show had it all . The atmosphere of a car show lingered in the air , as people parked , and enjoyed the show . The show was enjoyable for all  . Like any show , there is always issues , but management sorted these issues so people could have fun . Awesome show guys . Thank you .

Words and Photos – K.D.


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