Cars, Food & Hot Wheels Hosted by Car Candy Inc.


Cars , Food & Hot Wheels – Hosted by Car Candy Inc .

Breakfast Run’s for car lovers is the ideal getaway on a Sunday morning , to relax and enjoy the day . Breakfast Run’s start early , as a meeting point is set , and the destination , a journey .

Car Candy Inc. has somewhat become a house hold favorite when it comes to these runs . Mo has had numerous runs , for all types of car lovers . He strives to locate the perfect venue for all .

Meeting Point :
The meeting point was at the BP N1 Oasis (North) on Bayers Naude . A neutral meeting point for most . The BP is iconic for meeting points , for all the right reasons . Food, Rest and Atmosphere .
MOB Culture met up with some cars at the BP , at about 8:30 . We grabbed a quick pie and then found ourselves , pleasing the crowd , by playing some awesome jams from the MOB Hyundai Getz , called Ice Cream .
We got the pleasure of leading the convoy , as drone footage was being taking on the high-way .


The Route :
The convoy left at about 9:15am to Hartbeesport Resort . The convoy was easily about 20 strong with some beautiful rides .We traveled on Malibongwe drive , all the way to Harties . The scenery was beautiful , and passing the Harties Dam is always awesome to view . The convoy consisted of BMW’s , VW’s , Scooby’s , Fiats and so much more . The drive was chilled , and pleasant . Closer to the venue is where the struggle came . The road is not low life friendly and the stance guys did struggle on this patch , that lasted for about 2-3 km’s . Its something that is a hard task when choosing a venue .


The Venue :
Hartbeesport Resort . This was our first time at this venue and we must admit , its very awesome ! The venue boasts some awesome traits , like swimming pools , a restaurant , slides , a driving range and much more . Its the perfect venue for a Sunday chill session , and the car lovers , did just that . Cars enthusiasts love parking , relaxing and of course braaing .This is what we loved , people came together for a chill session, some music from some cars , some drinks and a good old braai . This unity is what we value in the car scene , any venue can be made great with this combination . We really did enjoy the venue .


Here is how we sum up the Breakfast Run :

Meeting Point – 7/10
Route – 6/10
Venue – 9/10

Overall : 7/10

The meeting point was a great option , but along the way , we met cars from Pretoria and realized , It was far out for them , and second stop to meet them along the way ,would have been convenient for them . The route was the iconic route most of us take when we go to Harties , but the road is horrible in some places , as we had to slow down to 40km/h to dodge some rough patches . This can never be a hosts fault . There was various routes to the venue , but this was the easiest route to take .
The Venue . Simply amazing . It truly is a gateway with some great facilities . We personally laid back, and relaxed . This was needed . Most people had a braai going , and some music playing , the sort of scene we love to see .
The Breakfast run was a success , and was certainly a fun one ! Planning these runs is not easy , and we have nothing but respect for MO , Founder of Car Candy Inc for always putting these together . We will certainly join the next one . Thank You .

Words and Photos by K.D.


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