Cars For Cancer

Cars For Cancer .

Chilli Joint , in association with Soundnation , Street Torque , Logo 2 Loud , Team Street Glow and MOB Culture all teamed up to raise funds for Michelle McAlister , a cancer patient .

The Venue : Southlake Centre in Centurion, played host to the event . Surrounded by retail shops , like Cash Converters , and the Chilli Joint , there was something for everyone , We liked the venue for the amount of parking available , There was enough space for us car guys to move around and there was enough space for all the hosts to do their thing .

The venue was close to Centuion mall and made that easy for the crowd to enjoy the show and do some shopping while at the event. Bathrooms were allocated to the public by the underground parking lot .


The Hype : The event was marketed throughout Social Media , with all parties trying to mass market on their Facebook pages , and their groups . The hype leading up to the event was awesome , as everyone knew the purpose and everyone wanted to help . As we walked into the Chilli Joint , there was posters of the event . Marketing like this always is effective and builds hype for any event .


The Cars : With the marketing being spread over Facebook , Cars from all Cliques came out for support . SPL guys , entertained the Stance guys . The Show and Shine guys entertained the SQ guys . To see an event have such a wide variety of cars is amazing to see , and the way the scene is heading to , we love how the scene is growing together . The Cars never seem to amaze us , as owners are really showing their class . Pretoria brought a new some new eye candy , and we must admit , PTA has some killer looking rides .


Event Organisation : The event was well managed , and controlled . Valero , was MC for the day and brought some flavor to the show . He had one aim , and that was to raise funds and for everyone to have fun ! We must say , The hosts pulled this off .The hosts used the venue to its full capabilities , using every inch of the parking to make the event , one to remember .


Low Limbo : We hosted the low limbo , to try and raise as much money as we could . We had 12 entries for the Low Limbo  . We donated R700 . The Low limbo was dominated by static cars , with Lowest car of the day , scrapping in at 1.14m . We set up in the middle of the event and closed off the whole lane for the cars who entered . We allowed them to play dirty and there was no rules . You were allowed to fill as many people as you could , in your car , to slowly drive under the limbo pole . This was managed by us for the safety of the cars and passengers filling the cars . The lowest bagged car went to a nifty Red VW Polo Gti , the owner actually managed to fit 22 people in his car , with no one filling the boot .


Show and Shine and Sound off : The sound off was help by Logo 2 loud and the Show and Shine was judged by Street Torque . The lanes was packed throughout the day , SPL IS NOT DEAD , we loving seeing SPL strut their stuff . The Show and Shine cars that were on display were nothing bu class . The judges had a tough run with so many cars entering to help raise funds .

Cars For Cancer Verdict :
Venue – 7/10
Cars on show – 9/10
Management – 8/10
Build up for the event – 8/10

Over all score – 8/10

The event was extremely enjoyable . The partnership of so many hosts proved to be a winning combination as the event raised more than R50 000 . There was an amazing gesture by Bradly Prinsloo , who said if , we could raise 50k , he would sponsor his VW Mk 1 , this was won by one lucky winner in a raffle  . The management and cars on show were “A-Class” and we saw nothing but smiles on peoples faces who were at the event . The venue was good , but we did struggle to find it the first time . With such an open plan , its easy for stuff to get out of hand , but the mass amount of people took it easy and enjoyed the day . The hype going towards the event lacked nothing , and like the event , It lived up to that hype . The real reason this event scored so high , was simple …. we all got together , for a great cause , but we all had fun doing so , by bringing different hosts together .

A huge THANK YOU for pulling us on board and we loved helping .
We would like to also personally Thank , Everyone to helped with the donations




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