UCT – Show & Shine Session


Urban Cult Tuners .
Durban Deep Golf Course . A local golf course in the Westrand of Jozi . A home to a peaceful , green …yet challenging golf course . A course ment for a Sunday morning , grabbing your golf clubs , meeting friends , and loving life . But what happens when you mix the best of German , Jap and Korean engineering on the golf course .
Street Torque in association with Logo 2 Loud , MOB Culture and German Projekz  brought the cars to the course .


Lets kick off with the venue . Durban Deep Golf Course to most , might seem to many m as an impossible task to host a car show . Street Torque proved us wrong . There was enough space for all . Coming into the venue , The Stance Cars found out easy to find parking . The Car Audio lovers had a section where they had their generators running for those batteries , Testing and having a drink or two , Yet there was no divide between the two . Separating the stance guys from the sound guys was of course , a watering hole , serving cold drinks , beers and decent bathrooms for all , not to mention some awesome food . The venue is beyond beautiful and it gives one , the comfort and peace you , look for in a venue .

The Hype : The show was marketed by using Urban rides as the pivot point . Street Torque then decided to stir it up by having a comp, between German , JDM and KDM . This strategy played well as competition was tight . The show was on VW CampFest weekend , but brought some of the hottest rides in the scene . Logo 2 Loud worked the meter , German Projekz helped with judging of Show and Shine , and we help the Low Limbo . The categories for Show and Shine were insane , and really offered the best for the rides that participated . Facebook was used to do mass marketing . BMW vs VW was also marketed at the event , as Soundnation will be hosting the soundcomp .

dsc_0013 dsc_0015

The Cars : We covered the Show and Shine Section , as you can see by the photos , people were not shy to bring out those killer rides .
We saw a little of everything . The show and shine section was dominated by Stance cars , with Static Slayers ruling the day . Logo 2 Loud has an awesome sound comp format , bringing the loudest cars alive , the lanes were bumping with sick number being posted on the day . We have to admit , Its great being in the car scene . The overall outcome of cars in the scene , today , is amazing . Every car looks good with car owners putting alot of effort into their rides . For us personally there was one car that stood out from the lot . The Toyota Cressida .

Event Organization : Max and his team really work hard to ensure their crowd is always happy. The event started late due to some of the golfers still on the course , with all due respect , us cars guys gave them time , and the golfers respected the cars on the course. While we were waiting for the golfers , Cars were being set up . Coilovers were being adjusted , Last minute tuning was done on some amps , and after the Golfers were done , Max allowed the cars to have freedom . There was strict rules , to stay off the green . No spinning or reckless behavior . Max and his team managed this well and both parties agreed on this and had a laugh about it all after the event .

dsc_0043 dsc_0045

Low Limbo :We held the low limbo , and we set the bar as we held the first ever , Night Low Limbo . We had 5 of the lowest cars step into the ring , throwing punches to see who was the lowest . Wyno in the red Hyundai Tiburon won the event , slaying a low 1.16m . That is the lowest car we have recorded to date . Wes in his Mazda was tough competition, aswell and Nivz with his OEM VW Citi . They both cleared 1.19m

Urban Cult Tuners Verdict :
Venue – 8/10
Cars – 8/10
Management – 9/10

Over all score – 8/10

The show was enjoyable ,and had something for everyone . We loved the fact that so many different cars came out  , to have a good time . We were there from start to finish , and all we saw was smiles . The only “Con” we had , was the route we took coming to the event .
The event brought tight competition in the show arena, low limbo and the lanes , which clearly indicates , people are putting more time and effort into their rides , which grows our car scene as a whole .
The event went toe to toe with Campfest , and was a show for people who could not make camp fest , and did so well . The event had a good turn out .

Huge thank you to Street Torque for the event .

**Full album on our Facebook page


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