Top 10 Car Shows of 2016


WE BACK !!!! Firstly we would like to wish you all , a Happy New Year . We know you all excited about one thing . . .  and that is the upcoming car show season !!!
With 2016 bringing the heat , 2017 should be packed with great shows to accommodate all.

To celebrate a wonderful 2016 in the car scene , We compiled a list, of car shows that made our top 10 . Lets kick it off . .

10. DB Drags – March 2016
DB Drags was held at the ever so trusted , Greenhills Stadium out in Randfontien , which is situated in the west of Jozi . DB Drags is well known for the tight competition in the lanes , and has a unique format that entertains people of all ages .  The reason why this event made our top 10 , is the fact that DB Drags supports love the competition , If you attend one of these events , you will certainly have a great time , and you will certainly learn something new !

9. Strictly JAP
の愛のために -For the love of JDM
A show dedicated to all things JAP . The hype of the event was huge , with everyone using social media to broadcast the event . The MOB Culture came out to support in full force as we have a love for JDM cars . The event did not disappoint and the finest JDM cars in Jozi came out to play . To see owners admire iconic cars like the Corolla’s was a huge inspiration . Enthusiasts shared thoughts, gave advice , and shared the love of JDM . The event was well organized , and the reason it made it onto our list , was because there is a large number of JDM lovers , and the movement is strong !

8.GP Polo Crew B-Day Celebration
The VW Polo . South Africa’s beloved car has a dedicated crew of enthusiasts called GP Polo Crew . They boast some of the finest Polo’s in the county . They love giving back to the scene , and for their 2nd Year Celebration , they decided to hold a car show out in Kempton Park . We saw some of the dopest Polo’s in the scene , no matter ,it be super -clean maintained Polo’s , SPL monsters , or even the Stance Folks , GP Polo Crew is growing strong , and we were glad to have been part of the event . The event was very well organized with DB Decibel hosting the Sound Off .They capture our number 8 spot .

7.Aired Out by CarCandy Inc .
The car scene has alot to offer , and recently we have seen the rise of CarCandy Inc . MO has a special , “instinct” to host shows that that revolve around trends, He executes this perfectly . We foresee CarCandy Inc being one of the leaders in car events for 2017 . Air’d Out was held close to Randburg and it was ALL for a great cause . We admire events that help raise funds , and CarCandy did just that ! They brought what we love , for a good cause . An Event for the elite , Bagged Cars . AN event for the dreamers .Car that kill the stance scene . MO nails his organisation , always hooking up great venues , great food , and wonderful atmosphere , Aired Out stole number 7 not only because of the cause , but because if caused enough hype to fill the tanks 😉

6.SQSA Finals
SQSA . The formal event for all the Sound Quality lovers in the scene .
The Finals is probably one of the tightest events we have ever been too , with competitors all highly prepping for this event. Some might say SQ is some-what boring , But no car sounds,more musically brilliant than a properly tuned SQ car . Some of the best installs in the scene come from SQ cars , with the car owners , always pushing themselves to a better install . SQ is all about patience, and the love of beautiful sound . When you compete in one of these events , you then realize how enjoyable it can be . The SQSA finals made our list , as SQ is growing in the scene , and its awesome to have an event to accommodate the SQ heads .

5.Dusk till Dawn by Sweeper Society
This wasn’t a car show, and you must be thinking how did this make our list ????? Hmmmm simple . Dusk till Dawn was the biggest park off we’ve seen in a very long time . The amount of cars that attended outshines almost ever event on this list . The masses came out to chill , and have a good time , Due to some altercations , The park off was switched to various locations, but , the cars that came out , were killer .  We got to socialize after a long week and enjoy each others company , see beautiful cars , eat great food , and chill ! . Big Up’s to Sweeper Society for cracked the code , and reminded us , that park off’s are not dead .

4. Toyz 4 Boyz 2k16
Toyz 4 Boyz . An event ever boy dreams off , bringing cars and planes together . Rizo , owner of JHB Parties is one of the elite hosts in Jozi , and brings some of the sickest events to GP . This event certainly lived up to ALLLLL the hype . The finest cars came to show off their stuff at this event. Held at Teddefield Airpark , space was not an issue . The event was extremely well organized , with sections for the spectators . The MOB chilled at the Soundnation den , watching some of the dopest cars in the scene enter the event . Air Suspension stole the show at this event , and from what we witnessed , it solidified itself in the car scene , that air is taking over .

3. Straight Outta The Streets
The REC teamed out with SoundNation to raise awareness about addiction . The MOB Culture was called in and we gladly helped out with the lowlimbo . This event has one word to describe it …FUN. The hosts made it fun for all ages , with families enjoying the day . We mentioned earlier that we love car shows that bring a great cause , and this event was the most inspirational of the year . To witness people overcome addiction , with support from others , thought us that when we work together , we can accomplish more . The event was one to remember as cars from all societies came through . SPL Boyz , Show and Shine worthy cars , Stance Addicts , Ground Pounders , The event brought together a community and for that reason, it stole the number 3 spot .

2. VW Campfest 2k16
The most anticipated event of the year for VW Owners .
CAMP FEST . The event so many prep for , so many spend hours and hours on , the event that sets the bench mark  . . . its a legendary event .
Camp Fest will always make the list for car scene lovers , as it brings the best of the best together . Harties was the ideal venue , as the sightings are beautiful, mix that with only the hottest VeeDubs in the county , you have a killer event . Some might be reading this and are prepping as they read , and from the Culture , we would like to wish you the best of luck with your build .

1. QDM Entertainment X Team Streetglow – Emperors Palace Car Show
And the car show that topped the list  . . . .
The Emperors Palace car show hosted by QDM and Team Streetglow .
This event was epic and destroyed all the bars set for the year . The venue was pure class . If you want to have a great time at a car show , look no further than Team Streetglow . They host some of the best events , year to year without fail . Their supporters are strongly growing , and this event showcased just that . The event was help at the roof parking of the undercover parking lot . As you entered the event , of you looked to your left the sound cars where doing their thing , if you looking to the right , the stance guys were doing their thing , the parking lot was filled with amazing cars , and brought the widest range of cars we have seen in a very long time . The atmosphere of the event was maintained straight through the night , with people having a great time . Amazing organisation , great hype , awesome marketing , brought you , in our books ,the car show of the year .

2016 had some awesome events . The list was compiled by us , for the events we attended for the year .
the MOB Culture has one aim , to connect our car scene . 2016 did that for us as you look at this list , We all love the same passion, We all are addicted . We say Cheers to 2016 , and please stay tuned , as 2017 will be covered by us …. for you .


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