Trends In The Car Scene 2k16


The Car Scene has adopted some of the trends circling around society for some time now . 2016 has been no different .

This is our take on  what we saw breaking necks in 2016 :

  1. Vaping

What is vaping ???
inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

Vaping tops our list as the latest trend to hit the car scene , with the trend growing rapidly in South Africa , Vape shops are situated almost everywhere .
With stance park off’s also growing within our car community , you cant help but notice the cloud chasers , smokin’ up the air , with their mods .

Kevin , owner of Pitch Audio

Most vapers turned to vaping to stop smoking , and from what we’ve seen , people look happier with a vape mod in their hand , than a cigarette .

Vape juice comes and many various flavors and accommodates for most users .   Some of our favorite flavors has to be Special Reserve , Carousel , Watermelon and many , many more , actually we don’t have favorites, there are too many good flavors too choose from !!

If you in and around joburg , here are some shops to visit : Cloud Lounge , Supreme Vape , Vape cartel , Vape King , Lung Candy . There are many shops you can visit , and vaping can be enjoyed by anyone .

2. Sneakers


Sneakers have always been in the car scene . Sneakers go hand in hand with Style . A good looking car compliments a drivers style .

Here are the dopest sneaker shops for 2016 :


When it comes to the top 10 sneakers , Everyone has different taste , and has different styles , one thing we must add , budget plays a huge role when it comes to the sneaker game , if you want a fly set a sneakers , you have to cough up the cash .

Sneakers has made it onto our list , as it will remain a trend in the car scene , but for 2016 , we have seen it elevate to a state , where if your shoes on your ride are dope , the shoes on your feet better be dope .

3. OEM and Split Rims

dsc_0032 dsc_0009

OEM rims have also been in the scene , but with thinner , stretchable tyres available now , the stance folk , cant help but slam their cars on a set . You will be seeing more of this as the scene grows , its alright to buy a OEM rims , but its how you fit them is what makes them . Its all about the fitment .

Split rims are slowly becoming affordable to many . There are various groups on Facebook where used Split Rims are going up for sale. 2 piece splits are more affordable than a 3 piece split , here is a link to read up a little more about them :
To summarize , one can do more to a 3 piece rim .

Why choice an OEM rim and Split over a Rep ??

When a factory wheel is made, the primary goals the wheel manufacturer has are as follows:
1. durability from road hazards (potholes, etc.).
2. durability from road salts, car wash acids, chemicals, etc.
3. durability in order to minimize warranty claims and/or recalls.
4. ability to properly support the weight of the vehicle and it’s passengers + cargo with a huge safety margin.
5. proper fitment to ensure vehicles suspension and brake systems operate as designed and without vibrations.

They go through millions miles of testing as well as millions of dollars in research and development, in order to make sure that the wheel will withstand the rigors of everyday driving and harsh road / weather conditions.

To compare when a replica wheel is made:
1. ensure the lowest manufacturing cost possible (using cheapest manufacturing methods and materials available).
2. fit a wide variety of models they were not originally designed for (by changing offsets, wheel widths, etc.).
Most of these wheels do not go through any sort of research and development, simply to minimize manufacturing cost, and also because the manufacturer simply does not have the money to perform such research.
Source : (

Our advise to you here : If you don’t travel alot and need a sick looking set , and you have a tight budget , by all means buy a rep , some reps are made with great material and will last you longer than the rest . Do your research and buy from a reputable company that sells rims .

The Car Scene adapts to most trends in society , and us car lovers incorporate these trends to suite ours . If we had a say , we would say car guys and girls are the most stylish , cause only we can have swag with dope rides !
dsc_0024 dsc_0019
nike-air-max-90-feature best-sneaker-featured


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