SQSA reached its final event for the year, and was held at Tiger Wheel and Tyre , in Fourways .
Competitors have been patently waiting for this event , as it brings all their hard work to a close for yet another successful year .

The MOB has attended a few SQSA events and has seen the event grow slowly to a solid status in the car scene . With Sound Quality growing , SQSA is one of the hosts held for sound quality enthusiasts, and has formats that accommodate , all  .
The Sound Quality community is a small ,friendly society and they are always willing to help .

The event played host to only some of the finest SQ cars in the car scene . A total of 18 cars competed in Sound Quality , with 4 of those cars competing at LSQ (Loud Sound Quality)
Kevin Paynter was the head judge for the Sound Quality and Technical section of the event , and Grant Rodgers was in charge of the LSQ competitors .

The day panned out by a random selection of who would be in line to be judged . Each car took roughly 30 – 45min to be judged , while Kevin was judging the cars , everyone was enjoying the shade , and each others company to pass the time .

The Moon rise Kingdom CD was used for the technical side of the comp , and Micheal Jackson’s – Thriller and Taylor Swift’s – Surprise was used for the enjoyment side of the comp .

Over the years the competition has grew tighter, with everyone bringing their A-Game to every show , and from what we saw , It all comes down to tuning , presentation and execution .

The big players come out , such as Pitch Audio , Bespoke Audio , Sudhir , Neeresh , Byron , Arthur , Wynand , Rocco and many more !

Grant Rodgers walked away with best sounding car of the day and rocked up a total SQ Score of 394 , one of the highest scores for the year . Overall everyone peaked and the event was summed up by displaying some of the best SQ cars in county . Its extremely inspirational to see so much passion and hard work that goes into these cars , its hard to express this event in an article, its an event one needs to witness , and be apart of . We would like to Thank SQSA for the event as well as JP from Tiger Wheel and Tyre for helping with the venue .

Here is a list of the scores and competitors :

Picture taken from http://www.sqsa.co.za

dsc_0046 dsc_0041

dsc_0051 dsc_0026
dsc_0044 dsc_0045



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