Online Car Parts decided to host a car show out in the North .

They looked no further than Que and his team from Streetglow !

Streetglow have been ending the year with some amazing car shows , bringing the vibe , bringing the crowd , and always bringing the cars .

MOB Culture popped in for a few minutes to check up on the hommies , and enjoy their company . Streetglow brings all types of car lovers together . If you love SPL , Stance or even Ground Pounding , Streetglow shows are the place to be !



The cars that stole the show had to have been Neeresh’s Bagged Turan , and Mesh’s VW G7 done by Auto Sound Gezina .
The attention to detail is hard to express , but hours of hard work has been put into these cars and it shows .

Mosconi AS 200.4

Over in the corner , this little blue Hyundai i10 was drawing a crowd , and while stepping closer , you begin to see why it was a people pleaser !

Tyrone’s i10 is equipped with 2 x 16″ RF woofers , 2 x 2500 RF amps , 4 x Cervin Vega mids , Cervin Vega tweeters and a RF 1000.4 , 4 channel . . .all stuffed in this little car . Craighall really killed this install , the car sounds insane , and it really musical . The highlight of this car has to be the 240amp Mechman installed !! Like always be in the loop and can only give you so much details !

The usual suspects attending the event , like Super BRAD , Deadly Silence , Flawless Stance , Cammed n Slammed , Dino , Edmund , Biana and Kevin and many , many more . Show and Shine always brings the best , and we some mean rides on display .
SPL is always competitive and the best came out to play ! Posting some huge numbers on the board ! Rides Chat was also there to promote the new app which is available for free download .

Big up’s to Streetglow and Online Car Parts for the sick event , everyone had a great time !

Please visit out Facebook page to see the album

dsc_0035  dsc_0036

dsc_0034  dsc_0042

dsc_0045 dsc_0009




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