Jean-Pierre Prim’s Bagged MkV

dsc_0010 Bagged  . . .
A simple term for the beloved Air Suspension

What is air suspension ???
Air suspension is a type of vehicle suspension powered by an electric or engine-driven air pump or compressor. This compressor pumps the air into a flexible bellows, usually made from textile-reinforced rubber. The air pressure inflates the bellows, and raises the chassis from the axle.

JP recently got his VW Golf 5, and the first thing on his mind was bag the car .

18″ OEM GTi rims tucking beautifully

The Theme he has for the car is simple  . . .
Black with a dash of red , Trimmed down , and keeping it as clean as possible . While doing this , He would like to keep the car as OEM as possible , and that’s where we admire his ride , as the challenge lies there .

The air was a DIY install and is a work in progress .
JP does as much as he can , when he can with a tight budget .

His ride has gone for surgery , and the outcome is simply fresh !
First off , the badgless grill makes its presence know immediately , followed by the widened arches , to give it the aggressive look, and feel to it .

The red dash works well with the black , as the colors compliment each others . The side mirror indicator was lamin-x’d in red to continue the theme on the side of the car .
A R32 rear bumper was added to give the car a wider look . After the bumper was fitted , JP headed down to Powerflow Pipes to install the exhaust system .

As this is a mini feature , we wont spoil with all the details , as a full feature will come soon , as this car is packed with some awesome equipment ! Spoiler alert . . . its doing 175kw . . .

Here are some pics from the small shoot we did :



2 thoughts on “Jean-Pierre Prim’s Bagged MkV

    1. Thanks my brother , thank you for the follow ! As preps are heating up , we think its better to help build the hype , full features will be coming soon! 🙂


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