The Journey Car Audio Gray Split System

dsc_00091 The MOB Car Crew ran a competition about two months ago on their Facebook page to give one lucky person a Split System, if this person could obtain the most likes and help the page reach 6 000 likes .

The search went on for months as the MOB could’t find the right set that would be fitting to win . The MOB then contacted Kevin Paynter , Owner of  Payntwagon Audio out in Centurion , and he is also the Importer of Journey Car Audio . We informed Kevin about our competition and he kindly stated that he would like to be involved and sponsored us with a set of Journey Gray Splits .

Journey Car Audio is fairly new to the industry but is aimed at ,affordable Sound Quality .
What is Sound Quality ???
SQ is that aspect of a sound system, which encompasses all of the performance factors which give the system the ability to re-produce an accurate and life-like rendition of the original recording as perfectly as possible
Simplified : Your Car Audio Equipment , working together to create , a life like sound , of a recording artist . How an artist would like you to hear it .

Gray Split System Package

The MA165PI , or otherwise know as the Gray Competent System is valued at R950.00.
In the box , houses the Midbass Drivers , The Tweeters , The crossovers , Grills , Screws and Small Tweeter Covers . All this is packed extremely well , and the components are placed neatly for the buyer .

Journey Tweeter in Package

Once you unwrap the components , you instantly feel the build quality . For entry level components , you would expect , cheaper materials , and a light weight mid-bass driver , with this split , you don’t not get that feeling at all .
The Mid-bass drivers feel solid . When feeling a product and you can feel the build quality is good , its a nice tip to for yourself , when purchasing a product, feel the build quality . We love the look of the driver , as the color of the cone looks like granite . The motor structure really caught our eye as the magnet doesn’t only look good , the touch between the groves sends chills down our spines , as once again . .  . for the price , this feels amazing!
DSC_0005.jpg     DSC_0006.jpg

DSC_0007.jpg    DSC_0008.jpg

We love how Journey made their tweeters subtle . Its an easy , simple tweeter design , with a gold plated Journey badge placed on the front . Its instantly noticeable. The Tweeter is a 1″ /25mm neodymium tweeter with a titanium dome .
The crossovers are just kick-ass !!! Its probably one of the coolest designs we have ever seen!! One thing we must add is , how compact the crossover is . Its very tiny, and Journey opted for this design so it can be easily hidden when installing the component system .
DSC_0011.jpg  DSC_0012.jpg

Here are some specifications on the product :
Power Handling : 200 watts peak
Power Handling : 60 watts RMS.
Frequency Response : 47 hz – 23kHz
Sensitivity : 90 db/W
Impedance : 4ohms
Weight (One Speaker) : 0.86 kg
Gross Weight : 2.8 kg

*Recommended amplification – up to 60 watts rms per channel

We personally own a set , and we can only recommend this above the competitors in the same price bracket . The reason is simple . The quality of sound from this component system is awesome ! The Tweeter is not bright , but comforting to the ears , the mid-bass drivers produce enough midbass for an upgrade from your stock setup . We have played numerous genres of music and loved how the split system handled the frequencies.
The closet competitor would have to be the JBL GTO Split or the Alpine SXE split , both slightly cheaper , but both really far off them it comes to producing sound for the price .

This is value for money at its best .


Here is a link to a video we took a while back when we Pitch Audio first installed the set :

Journey Car Audio is available at :
Payntwagon Audio –
Pitch Audio –
OG Installations

We would just like to thank Kevin , once again for the sponsor of the splits . We truly appreciate it .


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