How The Car Scene Changed Our Lives

SO here we are , an intro to a new chapter in what has been an incredible ride in the car scene .

The MOB Car Crew was found in June 2013 with just three members , Eventually one of our members moved abroad , and we were just left with two members , a Corolla , a Hyundai and a camera . We decided to then start the Facebook page ,which in turn would be our biggest platform . All car crew need members , and were looking to kick start our car crew by meeting up with some people who replied to a Facebook status on joining us . We grew rapidly in the scene , attending every show , every weekend. . . turning to car shows as our getaway from Nightclubs , Alcohol and Drugs . The crew grew , and as we grew , so did our members cars , we boasted some quality rides , and stuck some fear to other crew at some shows when it came to the best crew trophy. Our members won many trophies , in Show and Shine , and SPL . We won a couple of crew trophies as well . The scene has a dark side , and that dark side did effect some hosts, and competing just wasn’t the same, we decided to help the scene grow and use our platform to try and grow the industry . Jozi has some amazing hosts , and we made sure we would support every host , 3 years later , that passion to help the scene grow hasn’t stopped . We are now where it all began , with just two members , as our members decided to pursue other goals , we respect them and thank them for every single thing they have done for the crew , we start this journey . Our Facebook page is now sitting at 6 000 likes and we did this with a maximum of 10 members

car scene saved my life(Liecesne Plate) Wallpaper.jpg

Our goal is simple , To showcase our passion for cars , and the car scene . To influence the youth to try this adventure. We have a culture and that culture can only be witnessed , if you live it .




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